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Barcodes for Beer, Cider, Spirits & Wine

You can purchase barcodes for spirits, wine, cider, and beer products from below – you will receive UPC-A barcodes suitable for all food and beverage products (including wines and beers) worldwide.

Many of our customers are craft brewers, distillers and wine growers, wine distributors, and local businesses producing and marketing wine, spirits, and beer products.

See some examples of customers using our barcodes on their wine, beer and spirits in Canada:

Lillooet Brewing Company barcodes canada wine

Shale Ridge Estate Winery

Matron Fine Beer

Pipe Dreams Winery

Cornerfield Wine Co

Buck Hill Distilled Spirits

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    If you purchase a Retail Barcode package, you will receive:

    1. A globally unique Retail barcode number

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    Note: this is a variant product for retail barcodes in either EAN-13 or UPC-A format. Select which option you prefer below.

    EAN-13 barcodes are the most commonly used retail barcode worldwide and have a leading 0.

    UPC-A barcodes are the preferred barcode format in the USA and Canada and do not have a leading 0.

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How many barcodes do I need?

You will need a different barcode for each different product and product variation you have. This measn that different flavours, different sizes, and different vintages each need their own barcode.

What type of barcode should I get?

Beverages need either a UPC or EAN-13 barcode. UPC barcodes are 12 digits long, and they are the most common type of retail barcode in Canada and the USA. They can also be used on retail products worldwide. If you are selling your product in Canada (or internationally) then it’s a good idea to get a UPC barcode on your products. You can choose which option you want (either UPC or EAN-13) when you add your barcode(s) to the cart.